Events Calender 2014-15

Events Calender 2014-15  : Computer Science and Engineering Department

Sr.No Faculty Name Topic of course Date of Course

Prof. A.M.Bainwad

Coding Event "Code Marathon 2014" 15th Sep 2014
02 Prof. A.M.Bainwad                  Mr. S.D.Chame Webinar on "Technology has changed last 20 years by Microsoft" 28th Dec 2014

Prof. H.P.Ambulgekar
Mr. D.G.Hakke                        Mr. S.D.Wattamwar

Workshop on " Effective use of Google Apps in Academics" 13th and 14th December 2014
04 Prof.P.S.Nalawade Departmental Alumini Visit 2015 27th December 2014
05 Prof. S.S.Hatkar                     Mr. S.D.Chame                       Mr. A.A.Kamthane                  Mr. D.R.Bilolikar Workshop on " Computer Network and Forensics" 10th and 11th Jan 2015
06 Prof.G.S.Malande                   Mr. R.N.Shinde                       Mr. R.S.Devkar                       Mr. K.V.Sonkamble Workshop on " Advanced Data Analytics using MongoDB" 17th and 18th Jan 2015
07 Mr. Abdul Mateen                    Mr. A. A. Kamthane Coding Test on "C - Launguage" 30th Jan 2015
08 Prof. S. S.Hatkar                    Mr. S. D. Chame                     Mr. D.G.Hakke          Live Coding Event on " Codeathon - 2015 " 27th Feb 2015
09 Miss.P.D.Potganwar   Ms.C.K.Joshi                 Ms.Neha Peshwe Poster Presentation on "Make In India" 28th Feb 2015
10 Ms. A. A.Vaidya                     Mr. Abdul Mateen Online Test on "Mobile Computing" 10th March 2015
11 Prof. H.P. Ambulgekar             Mr. D. G. Hakke                      Mr. D. R. Bilolikar Expert Lecture on Recent IT Technology BY IBM Person 20th and 21st March 2015
12 Miss. M.S.Mahindrakar          Ms. P.D.Potgantwar Workshop on " Cyber Security and Forensic Tools" 27th and 28tth March 2015
13 Miss.S.M.Bansode               Mr.K V Sonkamble                 Ms. P Hassekar Workshop on "Hadoop" 10th and 11th April 2015